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COVID-19 Update

We want to thank you for your continued support during this time. As you might be, we are adjusting to the new “normal” during this COVID-19 crisis. Many have asked how they can help. This is a blessing to us, reminding us how generous and caring our neighbors are in Kalamazoo County.

Here’s What We Are Doing:

Working with government officials, the CDC and local authorities, Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries has been given “hospital” status. This allows us to keep our doors open to anyone in need. We understand this isn’t an ideal situation to have so many people in one place, but we also know they need us. We have implemented protocols that address the number of people gathered together in one room, following the recommendations set forth by the CDC in regard to keeping surfaces clean and hand washing, and monitoring signs of any illness in our guests.

CDC Guidance for Homeless Shelters

Within Credo Café, we have implemented new procedures to safely reopening Credo Café and adhering to all ServSafe/Health Department standards and CDC recommendations.

We are creating distance between people as much as possible for sleeping arrangements and carefully monitoring each guest for signs of illness. We will continue to serve our guests with the best possible care as we weather the storm.

Here's What We Need:

·Volunteers- If you are healthy and feel comfortable serving, please consider volunteering, especially in Food Service. Please contact Matt Furrow ( or click here for more information.

·New and unused “To Go” Containers (we need 400 boxes per day)

·Cleaning Supplies

·Monetary Donations- We are experiencing increased costs because more are coming to us for help and we need your critical support to help us purchase the above.

We believe that it takes both faith and wisdom to walk through this time. We have faith that God is our Protector and we are His ambassadors when those around us are fearful. We also use wisdom when making decisions, following recommendations to keep people safe and healthy.