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Our goal within career development is to educate our guests within the context of the 21st century workforce. We equip those we serve with the tools for success in the workplace. We offer support and encouragement to see the fulfillment of their endeavors. With a heart to help individuals navigate the journey of securing long-term employment, we will help guests discover their purpose, develop a plan of action that lends to achieving their goals and serve as their biggest support through the execution phase.

GED: Adult learners have an opportunity to gain their high school equivalency certificate to better prepare them for their future and a meaningful career. Studies have shown that GED graduates are more likely to gain employment than those without a high school education. Guests will participate in classes designed to prepare them to take the GED exam.

College Preparation: Learners will prepare to attend the college of their choice. Coursework may include group class time, one-to-one instruction, and/or digital learning.

Technology Skill Building:  Participants will learn the basics of using technology for personal and business use. Guests will gain confidence in using the internet, email, creating documents and will receive a certificate upon successful completion of each course.