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What began as a depression-era soup kitchen is now a multi-campus, comprehensive ministry reaching those in our community in need of hope and healing. The Gospel is at the center of our name and at the heart of what we do. We offer shelter, food and a helping hand, but we cannot change a heart. Only God can do that.

Vision Statement

Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will build the infrastructure of programs, services, funding, and capabilities which support eternal transformation in the lives of those who desire lasting life change. Over the next three years, our team will become even more efficient and have even greater impact. We will be known for quality services that builds competence, confidence, and an expanded sense of self-worth while continuing to provide basic shelter services and programming.

Mission Statement

A collaborative community Serving as the hands and feet of Jesus, Respecting the value of every human being, Empowering those who desire Gospel-Powered life transformation, Equipping people with the resources for success, and Shepherding them into a life of purpose and compassion.

Pastor Michael L. Brown


For more than 88 years, KGM has served the community of Kalamazoo MI, offering radical hospitality in Jesus’ name to people who are dealing with hunger, homelessness, abuse, and addiction. We have never been more resolved to see individuals and families have their lives and relationships restored. As you peruse our website, you will recognize that we have added many training programs and resources, to the support already available. We want to ensure that every guest has everything they need to achieve the wholeness they desire.

As we have combined with Kalamazoo Deacons Conference, our ability to offer a broader contingent of services to an increasing number of people has only been strengthened.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our volunteer support team, please contact Matt Furrow, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 269.345.2974 ext 203. Also, take note of the many services available in case you or someone you know is in need of assistance.

While we incorporate the core tenets of Christianity in every aspect of our work, we offer support to people of every faith or no faith. Our goal is for individuals and families to have their lives and relationships restored through the transformative power of the Gospel and be reengaged in meaningful ways within society.

Lastly, if you would like to financially support the work of this vital ministry, donate gifts in kind or you have any questions about KGM, please contact at 269.345.2974.

Pastor Michael L. Brown

National Report on Homelessness

October 2020

National report on homelessness

2020-2021 Annual Report

This in-depth report will provide detailed statistics and financial information about Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries in our 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Pastor Brown's Speaking Engagements

Grace Christian Reformed Church

November 13, 9:30AM

1724 Whites Road, Kalamazoo MI, 49008

First Baptist Church in Allegan

November 27, 10:00AM

1290 32nd St, Allegan, MI 49010

Are you interested in having Pastor Brown speak at your church?

Please contact Wanda Best, at 269.345.2974 ext 222 for more information

Listen to Our Radio Program

Sunday Mornings at 10:30am and & 12:00pm

106.9FM WKZO at 10:30am

95.5FM The Touch at 12:00pm

Senior Leadership

Pastor Michael L Brown



John Simpson




ext 234

Wanda Best

VP of Administration



ext 222

Rich Niesen




ext 204

Lynn Russcher

VP of Advancement



ext 213

Ministry Staff

Kenny Bizzell

Director of KDC Operations


269.345.2974 ext

Shayla Shelton

Gift Processing Specialist


269.345.2974 ext


Matt Furrow

Volunteer Specialist


269.345.2974 ext


Elizabeth Gibson

Health Care and Outreach Specialist


269.345.2974 ext


Tammy Clubb

Director of Development


269.345.2974 ext


Mike Cook

Director of Emergency Services


269.345.2974 ext


James Crosswhite

Director of Maintenance


269.345.2974 ext


Laura Shields

Director of Retail


269.345.2974 ext

Greg Weaver

Food Service Director


269.345.2974 ext


Kami Galvin

Director of Programs


269.345.2974 ext


McKenna Baughman

Manager of Children's Ministry


269.345.2974 ext


Deb Holtz

Education, Career, and Development Manager


269.345.2974 ext


Board of Directors

Kristie Abruzzo-Chairman

Don Edgerly-Vice Chairman

Brent Wedding-Treasurer

Michael Westfall-Secretary

Brian Clark

Pastor Bryan Tema

Bishop Karl Wallace

Patrick Dolly

Ajamian Gardner

"The mission is here to help people, to give them hope and that is what I’ve found"



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