Prayer is important to our ministry. Please lift up our guests, staff, and volunteers through the holiday season. For many, it is a tough time of year.

Here are some prayer points to remember:

1. Protection

Praying both physical protection over staff and guests but also spiritual protection against any attack of the enemy. Eph 6:11

2. Provision

for the ministry. Praying that God meets the financial, spiritual, and physical needs of the ministry, our staff, and our guests. Phil 4:19

3. Passion

for Jesus. We are praying that those connected to our ministry would dedicate/rededicate their lives to Jesus, allowing Him to heal the pain of the past and walk with them as they rebuild their lives. We are praying that they walk fully in all. God has. for them. Romans 12:2.

4. Pursuit

of those who are not currently receiving services. As we build relationships with those in area encampments, pray that God would meet that individual right where they're at and a realization of hope for the future. Rev 3:20