Life Transforming Programs

We desire to see guests move from Emergency Services to one of our individualized programs.


When it comes to programs, let's talk philosophy. Why Regeneration and not Recovery? "Recovery" is defined as returning to a "previous healthy state." Most of us do not have a previous healthy state because of trauma, life decisions, and challenging life circumstances. "Regeneration" is defined as creating something new, as in a spiritual rebirth.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that as Believers, we are new creations.

We are all about helping others regenerate rather than go backward. We help guests move from emergency services into programming, a sober environment where the work begins. Guests are assigned an Advocate that walks with them, each step of the way providing counseling, case management, and a supportive relationship. If guests have an addiction, we will connect them with the necessary partners to get them the help you need to regenerate. If guests have employment, housing, or relational obstacles, we will connect them with internal and external partners to achieve their goals.

Our help is ongoing, for as long as our guests need us and are achieving mutually agreed upon goals.

The first step is always the hardest, yet it is also the most important. We are here and ready to walk alongside guests as they begin this journey.

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“It is never too late; God will meet you where you are.“



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